Providing freedom and flexibility in how work is done

Creativity at work is sometimes seen as a contradiction in terms however companies have found that if they can improve on how their workers are interacting they can become much more efficient and than also means profitable

83% of UK’s bosses believe fostering a creative environment is important for their employees, while 64% are likely to hire a new employee based on their creative abilities.

Switch things up

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery can do the trick to get the creative juices flowing.

Space to think

Every now and then, switch up your team's routine with off-site and walking meetings.

By venturing outside of their regular office territory, your employees will have the chance to creatively think outside of the box they’re used to. Just moving around instead of remaining seated can also help.

The FWP - flexible work policy method is known in the UK to be beneficial for increased work productivity, supporting employees in terms of cutting down transportation time and allowing for work-life balance.

It can also lead to the development of new skills that allow your workforce to bring out an increased sense of business community creativity.

Ensuring that your technology does not hinder your creative it one of the key factors. 77% of employees cited IT problems and slow broadband as one of the key factors in increasing workplace stress.

Many said it was impossible to harness any sort of team enthusiasm when IT issues were constantly putting a damper of creativity. Cluttered or messy data cabinets were mentioned as making workers feel overwhelmed. 

Other ways of inspiring

  1. Be inspired, be hired
  2. Changing seats and desks
  3. Flowers and plants
  4. Share schemes
  5. Tune in (music)
  6. Open door to your boss
  7. Engagement party
  8. Brain food

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