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We are committed to providing the guidance and assistance people require to help push their city into the 21st century.







Creative Culture

This can be achived through the organisation of community activities, through the creative and cultural output of individuals who wish to make their city a better place to live, and in doing so, also want to make their world a better place to live.

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If there is anything to do with Creativity in your Community that you wish to know more about but that we have not mentioned, please contact our creativity and culture team.

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Renewable Resources

Here at the Creativity and Culture in your Community website we are determined to help you move your city into the 21st century. This not only involves community activities to change the face of your metropolis into something much more human, but also means that it tows the line in terms using renewable resources to power itself.

A city full of citizens willing to try wind and solar power unit installations, for example, is truly a city of the future. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about creativity and culture in your community.

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Renewable Resources in the Home

Our team has more than 20 years experience in renewable energy technology and solutions and can advise on all aspects of sustainable energy from feasibility studies through to turnkey project delivery.

We work with many suppliers who offer single source or integrated systems, delivering the sustainable energy
benefits which best suit your specific requirement and achieve the highest energy efficiencies.

Although it is environmentally beneficial to make your home renewable, it is also important to protect what is already there. All homes can get some form of renewable technology installed whether that be a CHP system or solar panels but it is important not to overlook the health of the building.

When looking to install new technology into your home, many installers would recommend that you get your house surveyed first, due to this new trend there is an increase in homeowners finding rot within the woodwork of their homes. Luckily there are solutions for those who find the rot and for those who want to prevent the risk of finding it.

Both dry and wet rot can have a number of caused which is why there are also a number of solutions and preventatives. The main cause of rot is woodwork being exposed to trapped moisture. By installing a condensation treatment, this damage can be prevented.

Renewable Technologies

Solar Panels

Wind Turbines

CHP Systems