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We are committed to providing the guidance and assistance people require to help push their city into the 21st century.







Creative Culture

This can be achived through the organisation of community activities, through the creative and cultural output of individuals who wish to make their city a better place to live, and in doing so, also want to make their world a better place to live.

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If there is anything to do with Creativity in your Community that you wish to know more about but that we have not mentioned, please contact our creativity and culture team.

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Green Cities

A 21st century city has to be aware of its responsibility to future generations by partaking in the battle against climate change. An openness to alternative energy sources such as PV solar power is a good sign.

Some cities take pride in how green they are and are known for it. Copenhagen has an established reputation as one of the leading green cities across the whole world. There are many reasons why Copenhagen has this reputation and one of which is for having the lowest carbon footprint in the world.

With a goal to become carbon neutral by 2025, Copenhagen continues to follow guidelines to reach this goal such as a huge increase in the number of people cycling as their main mode of transportation and their use of energy efficient methods.